Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS Restoration

Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS Restoration

Just found this page:

It’s the restoration of the Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS I posted earlier about. All BS110 240RS rallycars originally were made by Blydenstein in the UK, so the car is not a factory produced rallycar, but they were produced on behalf of Nissan: that’s why they were badged Nissan and not Datsun.

This car competed in the Hong Kong-Beijing rally in 1985, won the National Rally Championship 1988 in the UK and used in various other rallies. The car was imported into Japan from New Zealand: one of the few Japanese cars to actually be imported back to Japan! The car was restored in original state in 2005 by Green Bell Motor Co. Ltd. (Kanazawa) in Hakusan, Japan.

Start of the restoration:
Start of Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS restoration

And the end result:
End result of Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS restoration

And afterwards in action:
Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS in action

Action shot can also be seen in this image:
Nissan Silvia BS110 240RS Droste effect
It’s just like a tin can of Droste 😀 😀

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  1. hi there…
    thats a beautiful rally car!!. but where i can find a workshop manual, do you have idea? because i buy 2 240 rs the first car is complete and the other one it just chasis… has the factory 00043 and 00044. both cars compite in my country in 1984 1985 are the winners in those days… the cars race in CIRCUIT not rally… if you want i can send you a pics for the cars.. and tell me about this engine because here dont have much spares… in Guatemala work with Nissan or Datsun, and japannes who comes to Guatemala to tune the engine 6 times, the engines its a full race spec, my father was the crew chief and tell me that the car has 280hp.

    Best regards

  2. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂
    I didn’t know the also competed on the circuit! All I know is that they produced the 240RS to homologate it for rally use. So they started a limited production run of the 240RS which could be used for several other purposes. Great to hear they also competed somewhere else than in rallysport!

    I don’t know where you can find a workshop manual for the 240RS. My best guess would be the guys from could have one. Only other thing I could find was this advertisement on fast road and track:

    Pictures are always more than welcome! Please contact me through the contact form! (at the top of the page)

  3. Hi Luis,

    Saw your post – I can get hold of a 240RS competition manual. It is a photocopy so some of the detailed photographs are unclear but the supporting text is fine.
    I have two 240RS cars in the UK. Both being restored. I have a wealth of knowledge on the engines and also the gearboxes. Any questions I’d be pleased to help. Many people across the world helped me so I would be returning the favour.
    You should be aware that the final EVO cars had more in common with the 720 pickup than the homologation cars!
    I would love to see some shots for your cars – I may be able to shed some light on how they are set up.

  4. I want to comment about the post my son Luis Arturo sent recently. The fact is that we were trying to buy two of the 240 RS that are stored in a dealership in this country, but after trying several times to get information about the price and some information about the cars and information about the minimun parts to take at least one of them to the racing track for the national championship, but we never got a strong information, so I decided not to insist and find another brand of car to race. Evedn, I contacted a friend of mine who was one of the mechanics that the dealership sent to Japan to learn about racing preparation of this cars.
    But finally I was dissapointed, because I really like the 240 RS and even I drove one of them a lot of years ago.

    In the 80´s the Nissan dealer imported at least 5 Nissan 240 RS to this country, in order to fight the Toyota strong leadership in track racing.
    Of the original cars, three went to track racing preparation, one for the Nissan dealership owner-partner, the other for a well known racing driver and a third for another person who was rallying with other brand.
    The Nissan silvia 240 RS as known here, won the national championship for three ó four years in a row. They were equipped with dry sump oil system, and they were really strong competitors against the other cars..
    One special thing about these cars is that they never broke an engine.
    I know a lot of stories about them because I was racing a small Nissan at that time and I have been at the shop with the Nissan racing team a lot of times.
    Years later, one of the 240 RS was sold to a very close friend of me and he invited me to drive the car with him in two races as a second driver…………. later, my friend sold the car again to the dealership owner.
    Right now as I know there are four of the original 240 RS for sale. Two of them in racing trim for track use (one is a rolling chassis
    without engine,trans) the other two are virtually stock 240 RS cars.

  5. My name is Philippe Heymans from Belgium and i have receive a mail half november 09 from the Guatemala owners family Siekavizza asking my interest in the 4 cars + spare parts stock. Afther a couple off mails and phone calls the deal was done.
    Before i receive pictures from other people about the same cars for sale and i just could waiting the were shipped to the new owner in the UK to visit and buy one.
    Half november 09, i was on internet around 02H00 in the night when the mail from Carlos Siekavizza comes in, i reply imediatly and later the deal was OK.
    Maybe i have dissapointed other people who trying to become those cars, sorry for that.
    I like to have contact with Arturo Gramajo to know more about the race cars history in Central America. My mail: [email protected]

    Best regards to all


  6. Hello Philippe

    Please could you give me Carlos Siekavizza e-mail or phone number. I am from Peru, in South America and I am rebuilding 2 240rs. Maybe he can help get some parts I need.


    Raúl Orlandini

  7. Contacto
    Suzuki Guatemala
    Ave. La Castellana 39-48 Z.8
    Ciudad de Guatemala

    Teléfono: 2420-2100
    Fax: 2420-2103

  8. Have found chassis 000047 in very good condition stored over years inside a car dealers warehouse… will be shipped to Belgium. The car looks like new.

  9. It’s an Ex-Safari Rally NISSAN 240 RS in good running condition.

    PRICE: US$40000 only!

    E-mail me for photos.

    Let me know if you need further details.

    Car is in East Africa.

  10. Where can I get the NISSAN DOHC 16 Valve Windscreen Decal?
    I have original NISMO and ENKEI decals as featured on the works 240RS’s of the group B period. Any one interested?

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