Family Album Treasures: Turbo Skylining

January 14, 2012 in Family Album Treasures

This guy must have been passing by this beautiful skyline of a lake next to the touge and thought it would be nice to stand between the two skylines! 😉
Skyline RS Turbo R30
This scene also reminds me a bit of the end scene of the first Shuto Kousoku Trial, but I guess that must be the Skyline plus the typical 80s fashion.

Found at Minkara

Skyline R30 pre production models

December 10, 2011 in nissan skyline r30

I was watching some old Skyline documentaries and stumbled upon this little piece of footage where Shinichiro Sakurai sits inside a wooden pre production model of the Skyline R30:

You can see the lines of the coupe emerging into the real prototypes and from the prototypes to the Skyline RS Formula Silhouette. Nice!

The question is: what is that BMW 7 series doing on the test track??

Direct link to video: スカイラインの父 櫻井眞一郎

Car chases: Afterburning Skyline DR30 machine RS-1

March 8, 2011 in Car chases

The Skyline DR30 is one of the most iconic skylines ever and Seibu Keisatsu helped a great deal with that.

Now if only that afterburner option would have been available on the real Skyline RS-Turbo it would have been even more awesome!

Found at [kensaitou @ Youtube]

Family Album Treasures: Daddies new Skyline RS Turbo

February 17, 2011 in Family Album Treasures

This cute little girl uses her daddies new four door Skyline RS-Turbo to cling on while doing her first steps outside in 1984:
Daddies new car (Skyline DR30 RS-Turbo)
Daddies new car (Skyline DR30 RS-Turbo)

Definitely something to keep in your family album!

Found at [Seeking Grand Touring]

Random: Mooneyes watching a Nissan Skyline DR30

February 18, 2010 in random

I just love the composition of this picture: the Mooneyes logo on the truck is watching this four door Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo DR30!
I'm watching you: Nissan Skyline DR30
I’m watching you: Nissan Skyline DR30

Yes, the RS-Turbo isn’t Moon Equipped and sits on a set of Formula Meshes… It is just as if the logo was saying: I’m watching you! You’re not even Moon Equipped! 😀

Found in the JCCA NYM 2010 meeting pictures of Life doodling.