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Video: illegal street racing in the 90s

June 30, 2011 in video by banpei

I found this video of illegal street drag races in Japan during the early 90s. What strikes me most is the enormous number of Fairlady Zs and Skyline GT-R used for this purpose.

The most amazing modification is done to a Z31 around 2:33!

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Carina Sightings: Ukranian Carina CA60 rustoseum

June 29, 2011 in carina sightings by banpei

Supra605 found this JDM Carina CA60 rustoseum parked somewhere in the Ukraine. It appears to be in a very poor state, flat tires, lots of dents, rusty bootlid. Still the fender mirrors appear to be as shiny as 30 years ago! :)

The sticker on the windshield reveals it was exported to the Ukraine around 1989 since it last had seen shaken in Showa 64 (1989).

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Ebay treasures: Most epic Corolla Levin AE86 for sale!

June 28, 2011 in ebay treasures by banpei

It is really a shame: the most epic AE86 is now for sale! 86jnosakuretu48te just put it up for sale in this Youtube video:

Looking at all the mods on this AE86 it is really something special (apart from starring in those the epic videos of course!) and I personally wouldn’t see him selling it at all. So perhaps someone lurking around here is willing to buy this icon? 😛

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Video: 1966 Third Japanese Grandprix prequel

June 27, 2011 in video by banpei

This prequel to the 1966 third Japanese Grandprix held at Fuji International Speedway is a great rendering of the era back then: no fear, real men with big engined cars, the Prince r380 and, of course, the big rival Porsche!

I also found it a bit weird that the Jaguar E-Type got so much attention compared to the Honda S800 and Toyota Sports 800. Then again: the Nissan Skyline C10 still had to arrive…

Direct link to video: old fujispeedway旧富士スピードウェイ original 6km full course 30°bank1966open!

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DOTS: 1978 Cressida RX30

June 26, 2011 in dots by banpei

Actually it is not really a Down On The Street entry since I did not find it parked alongside of the road. I actually visited the owner of this car with the intention of buying it!
DOTS: 1978 Toyota Cressida RX30
DOTS: 1978 Toyota Cressida RX30

The car is in excellent condition, especially if you realize this car is 33 years old. I did not find a spec of rust under the car, nor inside the fenders! The only rust on it was on one of the rear fenders and the other rear fender had a small paint problem. Also there is a dent in the roof you don’t see it immediately and it is easy to fix when you already are respraying the rear fenders… :)

Driving it was a hoot: it drives way more relaxed than the Carina. It also feels lower and I immediately got the urge to cut its springs and lower it even more (with a bunch of deep dish steelies)! Also the (almost) JDM fender mirror are something else and make the car look perfect!

Why I didn’t buy it? Well my wife told me I had to sell the Carina if I wanted to buy the Cressida. Very sane thought but a very unfortunate for the Cressida: I can’t sell my Carina!

The color may look a bit weird, but I haven’t been able to get the colors of the Cressida right. Somehow it always is either too yellow or too vale. See also the photo I took of the car at the JAF2011:
1978 Toyota Cressida RX30 @ JAF2011
1978 Toyota Cressida RX30 @ JAF2011

The color is somewhere inbetween…

If you are interested in the car, let me know and I’ll forward your inquiries to the owner.