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Rare Bosozoku cars: Mitsubishi Galant Lambda

March 31, 2009 in Rare Bosozoku cars by banpei

This week we feature another rare Bosozoku styled car. This time I did find two Bosozoku styled examples of this car in contrary of the singular examples I previously posted.

This time we feature two Mitsubishi Galant Lambdas in different styles:
Mild Bosozoku styled Mitsubishi Galant Lambda
Mild Bosozoku styled Mitsubishi Galant Lambda

This Galant Lambda is a bit of a Kyusha styled car. Very nicely slammed to the ground with some phat rims and a nice oil cooler sticking under the bumper.

Wild Bosozoku styled Mitsubishi Galant Lambda
Wild Bosozoku styled Mitsubishi Galant Lambda

This wildly bosozoku styled Galant Lambda has it all: big overhanging lip at the front, big fenders, spoiler on the boot, 70s paint scheme, chromed mirrors and bumper, a hood ornament and let’s not forget the Astron 80 badge on the grille!

The Mitsubishi Galant Lambda was also known as the Mitsubishi Sapporo in the EU, Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Sapporo in the US, Chrysler Scorpion and the Mitsubishi Scorpion in Australia and the car was also known as the Colt Sapporo in the UK. That’s a lot of names!
Almost factory stock zenki Galant Lambda
Almost factory stock zenki (1976-1980) Galant Lambda

The Galant Lambda was marketed as a “personal luxury car” which meant it was not considered a coupe. It was supposed to be a two door luxury vehicle based on a car from the larger model lineup. Most likely to match the “hardtop” designation by Toyota for the Crown and Chaser which were immediate competitors.

The car had a facelift in 1980 which resulted in a new grille with fixed lights, B pilar going into the roof lining instead of being a seperate beam, new rear lights and a set of spoilers to get it into the 80s era.
Factory stock kouki Galant Lambda
Factory stock kouki (1980-1982) Galant Lambda

The Galant Lambda featured several engines but the 4 cylinder Astron 80 was the most favorable engine of them all: it featured the “silent shaft” system. The “silent shaft” system was an improved version of a single balance shaft which counter balanced the vibrations made by the inline piston engine design. This system was the first use of twin balance shafts which enabled Mitsubishi to improve stability in the Astron engine and enlarge the engine over 2 liters. The Galant Lambda Astron 80 featured a 2.6 liter engine, a figure which was in the 70s normally only obtainable by adding at least two extra cylinders!

The Galant Lambda featured a futuristic design both outside and inside. It features a single spoke steering wheel and a wild spaceage interior. This interiour looked just as good as the interior of a Citroen SM back in 1976!
Factory stock interior Galant Lambda
Factory stock interior Galant Lambda

On one side I understand why the Galant Lambda is a rare Bosozoku car: it is already a very wild styled car, on the other hand I don’t understand it: it reads potential all over it.
Perhaps it has to do with the brand Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi focused primarily on smaller cars during the 60s and early 70s while Nissan and Toyota already sold the larger saloons. Resulting in Mitsubishi’s being the 5th largest car manufacturer in Japan. Also Mitsubishi focused on Rally and not on circuit racing so they missed the Granchan followers.

As an ex-Mitsubishi owner I always wanted to buy a good condition Sapporo, however an AE86 came in between. Who knows, maybe I’ll own one myself one day. One thing is for sure then: it won’t be Bosozoku styled! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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DIY: Fender widening by Video Option

March 30, 2009 in DIY by banpei

I still remember encountering these techniques through AEU86 for the first time and it scared the hell out of me:

Back then when I saw this video I thought this guy is bashing up his own car in a very bad way: he’s not using the right hammers to do body work with and he just uses a pole to widen his rear fender with.

Nowadays I can truely enjoy this video: I’ve learned a lot in the last years and one of them is that you can’t keep your car clean if you want to go fast with it. People like this guy are doing this to improve the car, not the looks of the car. They don’t care how the car looks, as long as it is okay.

So actually seeing this video after such a long time made me laugh about how my own opinion changed during these years… I still wouldn’t do that to my own Carina because I would take a proper set of tools but I can understand and enjoy these DIY mods now. :)

I wonder if this car still lives… Or would it already be used as a drift missile after a while?

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Old footage: Touge drifting in 1996

March 29, 2009 in old footage by banpei

Time for some more old drift footage from a decade ago!
This video features some pre Initial D anime fanatics drifting on a wide touge:

For spotters: I did spot some AE86s, Silvias (S13 and S14), 180SX-es, one Sil80, a Skyline GTR R33, JZX81, JZX91, C33 Laurel, Soarer Z30, Celica XX Mk2 and a Starlet. That’s about half of the JDM 80s and early 90s in cars! ๐Ÿ˜€

What strikes me in this video is the way the 4 door saloons are going wide is just the same as they are doing nowadays, in contrary of the hachi-rokus and Silvias. I guess that technique is no different: just rush in too fast and have the weight of the rear do the work for you while pushing the pedal to the metal.

Direct link to video: ๅฝ“ๆ™‚ใ€€1996ๅนด้ ƒใ€€็ฎฑๆ นใ€€ๅคงๅนณๅฐใ€€ใƒ‰ใƒชใƒ•ใƒˆ Drift

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Hilarious: Riki Takeuchi’s split personality

March 27, 2009 in hilarious by banpei

While doing research for Bosozoku Style blog I came across an interview with Riki Takeuchi by Knuckles TV:

You may know him for his acting skills: he played bad guys in several major movies, like Battle Royale and Dead or Alive for instance, but his acting career started already in the mid 80s! Back then he already played Bosozoku bikers, so his acting career hasn’t changed much since!

This guy really has a split personality! At one side he is the actor Riki Takeuchi who plays tough guy roles and on the other side he is the Yakuza/Bosozoku/etc singer RIKI.
Riki Takeuchi the actor
Riki Takeuchi the actor

Riki Takeuchi the singer
Riki Takeuchi the singer

His looks are a bit of a crossover between Daijiro Inada and Elvis and his music videos are mainly the same: him singing as the tough Yakuza/Bosozoku guy with either a lot of flashy dancers, big trucks or even battling bears! I wonder where I did see that all before??

Especially this video is great:

Supahwwwwwwwawe! ๐Ÿ˜€
I think RIKI just got a new fan! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Carina Sightings: Turbo diesel Carina ice racing

March 25, 2009 in carina sightings by banpei

This Carina was posted two weeks back on Youtube:

This Carina is doing some ice racing and it is doing some sideways action along the way. In this case it is not that good: the car gets passed easily with the competition all being FWD cars.

According to the video this Carina features a Turbo Diesel engine. The Carina A6 never had a Turbo Diesel engine so it must be a transplanted engine. The video shows that the Turbo is from a Volvo 940, but no idea if the engine is from the 940. Also the Turbo is on the wrong way for the Carina, so either the exhaust could not be used and therefore it now features this nice “tractor” like exhaust pipe or they rerouted the exhaust pipe to the intake manifold and bolted the turbo right on it!

Edit: I got a reply from one of the owners/drivers, the engine is the 1C diesel with a 940 turbo on top of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It kind of reminded me of this Carina I posted a long long time ago:

The color is different so it can’t be the same car but nice to see several people coming up with the same solution! :)