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Carina sightings: spot the Carina A60!

August 25, 2008 in carina sightings by banpei

According to the poster of this original 80s footage it should contain a Carina A6.
So, let’s spot the Carina!

It could be at 0:19 or at 0:44 or at 1:03, but IMO all three cars are the same Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe. Taillights are definitely not Carina and match more or less this Mark II:
Mark II GX61 Hardtop coupe
I must say that they look quite the same so I understand the mix up.

Video is a bit boring nowadays while back then it was supreme action. Maybe we’re getting used to all that D1 action from Jaan. Nice stock AE86 and Skyline RS-Turbo R30 though!

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2007 A60 Meeting in Asagiri

August 18, 2008 in JDM by banpei

I came across this website some time ago with a lot of Toyota Carina A60 pictures of several meetings.

One of the last meetings on this page was an A60 meeting in Asagiri

It is amazing how many Toyota A60 cars can be together:
Asagiri Toyota A60 meeting
Asagiri Toyota A60 meeting

Too bad we will never have such huge meetings with A60 owners. Maybe some Toyota or Japanese Classic meeting can get this huge.

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Oldskool sticker tuning on AA63 Carina

August 14, 2008 in toyota carina by banpei

I found this enginebay image on a carprofile at Minkara:
Oldskool sticker tuning

The car itself is an AA63 Carina with an almost stock 4AGE in it, nothing fancy at all. However, as you can see all stickers are on the inside of the enginebay and not on the outside of the car, like for instance on the fender as it is done a lot nowadays. Must probably be the influence of examples taken from movies like The Fast and The Furious…

This car profile is of an owner who at least owns the car since the early 90s and these stickers look like they are from that era as well. Look at the Option sticker: it’s from before they started doing videos as well! So I assume this is really oldskool sticker tuning! 😉

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The final countdown

August 9, 2008 in Europe by banpei

Always wanted to know how many times The Final Countdown has been covered??

Well I didn’t want to know but thanks to a great colleague of mine I now now. So of course I have to pass on this valuable information!

I must say that the version by the Toy Dolls is far out the best! Furillo is a good runner up and DJ Taka made a nice Eurobeat version which is definetly worth checking out!

Edit: I found this vid a bit later:

I find it amazing people actually place these kind of videos of themselves on Youtube. It takes a lot of bravery and confidence to do that. Amazing what this guy (Netcasty) can cover! And this guy isn’t half bad: he gets maximum scores at about each attempt.

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Programming: Speed up your ads with Single Page Call from OpenX

August 7, 2008 in programming by banpei

I’m using OpenX (used to be called OpenAds in the past) for months now and just upgraded to the lastest version (OpenX 2.6).
One of the new features is Single Page Call which can improve page load times enormous!

As you can see I use two banners on my blog: a 120×240 in the right sidebar and a 468×15 underneath every first item on each page. This means in the past two invocations should be done to show both ads, one for each ad. Apart from that the loading is done inline: this means the browser will load the banner only at the moment it will reach the point where the banner needs to be on the page and stop rendering the page untill it has loaded everything.

With the Single Page Call all banners on the page will be preloaded in the head of the page, so before showing anything at all. Then when the browser hits the spot where the banner should be it will display the preloaded banner through a short JavaScript. This means the browser will load only one file instead of two and continue rendering the page at spots where ads should be. Of course: if you have more than two banners the effect will be even bigger!

There is only one problem in the setup I use: I use OpenX to manage my Google Analytics ads. So for example: I use a Google Adsense ad under every first item. The OpenX code will be preloaded, but not the Adsense code! This means I will only speed up OpenX and not Google Adsense. Lucky enough that only applies to the 468×15 banner because the 120×240 is my own handiwork. 😉

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Hilarious: Automan

August 3, 2008 in hilarious by banpei

Last week my colleague told me about this hilarious TV series from the 80s:
Automan tv series

Automan is about a computer wizzard working for the police creating an program which makes him an Artificial Intelligence hologram which fights crime, with a sidekick called Cursor which is a thing that can draw polygons into holographic images as if they were real! Take Superman, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Battlestar Galactica and Tron, mash it together and you have Automan!!

Hilarious enough Cursor becomes a Lamborgini Countach quite often in the series and he drives Automan around town and takes cornes square with any speed!

Cursor brakes, you hear the tires squeal, but he brakes instantly. Amazing!!

Of course you can’t hurt a hologram, so bullets have no use:

Amazing! I wonder why the Dutch television never picked up this high grade tv series while we were stuck with The A-Team, Knight Rider and Airwolf!

Ofcourse this is hilarious now, but back then my colleague really loved this series, just like I loved Knight Rider or The Dukes of Hazzard. Nowadays you really see poor quality on those series as well. Even the first movies of Shuto Trials look rediculous nowadays: what use is doing 180s forward and reverse on driving on the Shuto Expressway? And those action shots are all shot doing 100km/h and then doubled in speed.

What would people think of Initial D in 10 or 15 years time? Would they think it was rediculous as well? In some ways I already find it rediculous and the CGI of the first stage is really outdated nowadays and that will only get worse in 10 or 15 years of time…