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Subscription to Japanese Nostalgic Car arrived!

July 31, 2008 in Japanese Nostalgic Car by banpei

As I wrote last week: I subscribed to Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine. I already received the first issue yesterday!

So now I can place this banner here:
I subscribe to Japanese Nostalgic Car magazine. Do you?

It made me wonder if it would be worthwile to import them bulk and send them locally to people in Europe. Of course that’s the AEU86 shop spirit I still have…

Unfortunately the double shipping is killing the costs: a yearly susbscription would be somewhere near 36 euros in the most ideal situation (80 or more subscriptions) and that would only cover the costs, so no risk compensation or anything. Too bad, otherwise it would have been another challenge. 😉

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Olivérs first real words

July 28, 2008 in Olivér by banpei

Yesterday when feeding Olivér some peach he thought it was way too sour. In the mean time I was eating a banana, which is his favorite food. All of a sudden he said “baaaa-naaaan” and shortly after that “naan”, which is completely correct in Dutch spelling! 😉

He did say “Mama” and “Papa” before, but that was not really pointing out to anyone or anything, while the “baaaa-naaaan” was clearly pointing to the banana!

Also today is his 11th monthday, so he’s almost a year now! Happy monthday, Olivér!

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AE86 Owners Bible at

July 23, 2008 in hachi-roku by banpei

I was browsing through the inventory of to see if there were anymore interesting deals.

I did find this little gem:
AE86 Owners Bible

It’s the AE86 Owners Bible (not to confuse with the TRD Bible which is totally different!) which features a lot of information about the AE86. Apart from the fact that this is a collectors item, it is mainly a guide for maintaining and tuning (including 20v swap!) your Hachi-roku and how to attain the same skills as the Dori King himself! 😉

I’ve seen them for sale cheaper than this, but then you have either a second hand version or you don’t have the free shipping option. And believe me: shipping from Japan is expensive!

Too bad I don’t have my Trueno anymore… Otherwise I would definetly have bought it, just like I bought my TRD Bible shortly before I sold the Trueno.

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Colin Chapman drifting a Celica XX (MA61)

July 23, 2008 in celica xx by banpei

Just came across this Celica XX advertisement from 1981:

As you can see the Celica Supra is being drifted through out the whole ad. Did they actually think in the 80s that a car is faster when it is able to drift??

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Video: Japanese 1983 Celica XX advertisement #2

July 23, 2008 in video by banpei

Last week I blogged about the Toyota Celica XX advertisement with the ELO (Densha Otoko) theme in it. This week I have a Japanese Celica XX advertisement with Grace Jones!

I can understand why they compare Grace Jones with the Celica XX: both are square muscular superstars but I personally would prefer the Celica XX above Grace Jones. 😉

A nice detail is the mirror shot at 19 seconds: it is a bit the same as the mirror shot of the New Carina catalogue (S59-3):
Cover of New Carina (S59-3)
Same style, same era?

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Video: Japanese Celica XX advertisement

July 23, 2008 in video by banpei

Just found this Japanese Celica XX Advertisement on youtube:

As you can hear, the music is Twilight by Electric Lights Orchestra. Apart from the fact that I’m an 80s (electronic) music fan I immediately recognized the main theme from the Densha Otoko J-Drama.

You can view the opening credits here:

Funny they used the same theme for both videos! So now there is a link between the Toyota A6 platform and Densha Otoko! 😉