Back in 1989 when Toyota rebranded the Toyota Celsior to the Lexus LS400 it introduced the car with an almost unbelievable ad: a stack of champagne glasses was placed on the bonnet while the car drove 145mph (240km/h) on a rolling road. The champagne glasses remained steady even though the engine under it revved all the way up to 5000rpm. Amazing!

This Lexus owner tried to recreate that stack on his brand new 2009 LS460 (XF40) and see if it would be as good as the LS400 and his Youtube video went viral this week. He utterly fails and the stack collapses around 4000 rpm:

Now, you may think that the ad was wrong, but in reality the owner actually failed to stack the champagne glasses properly.

Lexus responded by recreating it on both a 2009 LS460 and 1990 LS400 and amazingly the stack remains stable:

Now how about that?

Also fun to watch, a parody on that 1989 ad:

Now that’s more like it! :D

Found at [Jalopnik]