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The end of the road for this Toyota Chaser MX41

I thought this was a bit of a sad video:

This okay looking Toyota Chaser hardtop MX41 could have saved, but apparently nobody was interested enough to save it…

First they remove all reusable parts, like the RS Wantanabes, exhaust, engine and drivetrain, and within 50 minutes the car is ready for the crusher. Bye-bye Chaser… :'(

RS Wantanabe wheel advertisement

Came across this nice advertisement of the RS Wantanabe on Youtube:

It features a Nissan (Datsun) Bluebird 910 coupe driving a rally and the wheels are the famous 8 spoke RS (Racing Service) Wantanabe rims, which we all know from Initial D. ;)

Nice to see those rims being advertised back in the 80s!

Perfect Initial D Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica

Impulse just finished their Sprinter Trueno rebuild and took a picture of it in front of the Akashi Kaikyo bridge (over the Seto Inland Sea):
Perfect Initial D Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica
Perfect Initial D Sprinter Trueno AE86 replica in front of the Akashi Kaikyo bridge

To me it looks like it is the perfect Initial D AE86 replica: it is a 1983 model, it is perfectly painted in panda white/black, it got a set of black Wantanabes, it got the yellow PIAA foglights and it looks like it just rolled out of the factory! What more do you need to make it a perfect replica? (A Fujiwara-tofu sticker? ;) )

I wonder what they will ask for this rebuild when they are selling it through Goo-net? :o

Initial D: GBA Initial D game movies

Aah, I still remember having the Initial D game on the GBA emulator… I tried and tried to remember all options, figure out what the best option per corner would be. But I sucked soooo hard at this game I gave up after trying it for a day or something.

It’s great to see some people collected their walkthough on Youtube now! Take this Keisuke vs Takumi walkthrough for instance:

I love the oldschool GBA music (mostly Eurobeat in sid/gsf/chiptune) and the graphics are very nicely animated as well! Those Wantanabes are really well done!

This is a lot better than those crappy Initial D flashgames I collected. ;)

Some other videos:
Mako (Sil80) vs Takumi
Nazakato (BNR32) vs Takumi
Shingo (EG6) vs Takumi
Bunta (AE86) vs Takumi

What rims to choose for the Carina?

I thought I finally made up my mind, but unfortunately I’m doubting again…

The story started when I just bought my TA60 Carina and The Doctor (user on AEU86) offered me some retro 13 inch OZ wheels. They looked fantastic, however when I put them under the Carina I noticed that the only way they would look nice would be if I lowered the car at least 5cm…
13inch retro OZ rims
Then I spotted some advert on Markplaats offering 15 inch Zenki (early type) Celica Supra wheels. These wheels are 6J with an offset of 20 and would nicely fit under the Carina. However Robokill (another user on AEU86) was in need of 15 inch Celica Supra wheels because his 14 inch don’t fit around the RX7 FC calipers he’s going to use on his AE86 racer.
15 inch Celica Supra rims
Now Joe sells 3 sets (3 sets!!!) of Wantanabes!
14inch Wantanabe
If I only had the money… :( :( :(

Perhaps selling the Celica Supra rims to some Japanese ricer will make enough money. ;)

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