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Japanese Autosport Festival: Wallpaper Tuesday

As us Dutch celebrated Queensday yesterday I thought that everyone is back at work needs a new wallpaper! Also the people celebrating 1st of may today can enjoy a fresh wallpaper and last but not least: posting wallpapers on Wednesday starts to get a bit boring… 😉

So I selected yesterdays Silvia K’s S13 with the TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs front (aka Rocket Bunny kit) as my next wallpaper:
JAF2012 wallpaper 1600x1200: Nissan Silvia S13

You can find all wallpapers below:

Top left is 1600×1200 (4:3), top right is 1920×1280 (16:9), bottom left is 640×960 (iPhone 4) and bottom right is 320×480 (iPhone)

Rediculously cool Skyline sunset

This is one of the most brilliant photos I’ve seen so far this year: a sunset with the most beautiful Skyline lineup you can imagine! Obviously it now sits on the background of my desktop. 🙂
Third old car meeting in Hiroshima
Third old car meeting in Hiroshima

The photo was taken by Mikuni Auto at the third Hiroshima old car meeting. The meeting itself was, obviously, a charity event for the Japanese Red Cross.

Found at [Mikuni Auto]

Wallpaper @ work

This is my current wallpaper at work:
Wallpaper @ work
Twin drifting AA63 Carina 4 door sedan, AA63 Carina 2 door coupe and T142 Corona 2 door coupe. I wouldn’t call it twin anymore, but tripple drifting sounds so weird.

Not much of a blog item, but always nice to have this one around for myself. 😉

You can find the original size here:

Twin drifting aa63 carina 4dr, aa63 carina 2dr and T142 Corona 2dr coupe

And the origin of the image is here:

Here you can find another one from a different angle:

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