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Down on the Street: last Hungarian Honda Civic EK

This actually isn’t the last of the Honda Civics I spotted in Hungary, but it will be the last one I’ll share. Maybe it has been some sort of foreboding spotting that many Civics? Anyway, the others were, I guess, less interesting… Now this Honda Civic EK is interesting:
Down on the Street: Honda Civic EK
As you might have spotted it features ATS Cup rims and double exhaust pipes which are obviously not very JDMish. Correct: it actually is very Veedubbish (or VWish) and most of the tuned cars in Hungrary are done in this style. I even spotted and photographed a flushed Civic EG that made me think Honda could actually have been originating from Germany, but not worth sharing as the car was a WIP.

So what if the rims actually belong to a Golf? To be honest: the whole BBS style rims on JDM cars originated from the BMW scene, so why not a set of ATSes?
Down on the Street: Honda Civic EK
So what do you think about these mix and match styles?

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