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Hilarious: twouble with twitters

Sorry, this week a non cars and non Japanese culture related hilarious posting!

I did find this great video on The Dutch Cowboys in a discussion about how Twitter is regarded as “not real life” by non-Twitarians. This video really did hit the nail on the head:

Only flaw was that they should have used the verb “to tweet” instead of “having to twitter about this”.

I’m sorry if you don’t have Twitter and doesn’t understand how funny this video is: I guess it is really hard to explain to a non-Twitarian why this video is so true…

Opened up a twitter account

I finally opened up a twitter account:

I did open a Twitter account when it just started, but then registered under my personal name with credentials of the company I work for. Back then nothing supported twitter so I didn’t see the added value of Twitter. Of course I also forgot the password of that account and was forced to open a new account. ;)

Anyway, I currently see the added value of Twitter. As you may have noticed I added both Twitter and syndication at the bottom of the navigation. :)

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