Casey Dhnaram (owner of and journalist for Speedhunters) opened up a relief fund for Japan:
I’ve been thinking to myself over the past 24 hours, what can I possibly to do help? Fly over there and be a volunteer? Possibly! But for now I’ve setup this Earthquake Donation which 100% of the funds raised will be given directly to the Red Cross foundation of Japan and racetracks such as Ebisu Circuit which have been affected very badly as it’s located in the Fukushima region. Please donate whatever you think is necessary, every cent counts.
A very good initiative I’d definitely like to support!

BTW: I didn’t even know Ebisu was damaged by the earthquake, but you can read all about it on their blog.

So head over to and donate through PayPal:
Shirtstuckedin donation fund
I donated earlier today and it is literally two clicks to donate! :)