While searching through Carina pictures in http://images.google.com (search phrase “????”) I came across a really nicely done AA63:

AA63 leather covered wolf front view
AA63 leather covered wolf rear view
See more here

I don’t like the interior though: a bit too much ricer…

After translating the text through Google Translate I got some really nice grammar:
WANOFU created at the 5-valve 4 AG + BORUTOONTABIN NOTSU it is also an official car
MAPPINGUDETA, save the other.
Fast! Leather-covered wolf in sheep!
Back to old people and they may be macho (laughs)
Can you create a tuner
But in terms of maintenance questions or relieved?
It Big normally, it can wield a stylish car Official
Audio ENSUTA outside of a strange one on board?
We are embarked is the net price shops
Persistent strong-arm sales and sales also will
Please feel free to contact us online.

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I know, online translations still suck, however most of the time the http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp look okay. Didn’t see bad grammar like this for a long time now…