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Reading: just finished Densha Otoko


Just finished reading Densha Otoko. Amazing! Much better than the J-Drama: Train isn’t such a wimp in the book as in the Drama. He’s more direct to the point and the story drags less on. In the end it turns out that he’s worse than an otaku (translated into anorak): he’s really into Hentai D?jinshi (translated into fan-porn) as well! If that isn’t enough: his favorite is Sailor Moon and Keroro! ?????ยด)

For all you out there doubting whether you should buy the book or not: do buy it, it’s definitely worth it!! Otherwise you can read it all here: Densha Otaku original (Japanese) or project DENSHA:The ‘Densha Otoko’ Translation Project. IMO the online version is better than the book, but reading the book is much easier. ?????????????????

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Reading: Train man (Densha Otoko)

I’m currently reading Densha Otoko (Train man) novel.
Train man novel

The book originated inside a thread on 2Channel which is a forum in Japan. This thread was meant for single men on the forum and the writer, later on called Densha Otoko (which mean train man, however Otoko is actually worse than Otaku), wrote that he saved some women on the train from a drunk man who was herassing them. He received two thank you gifts from the women, from which one of them was sent by a young girl. He actually meets the girl again and has dinner with her and that’s the actual start of a long story of “coming to age” for an otaku.

I must say the book is very readable if you are used to read forums, and lucky enough I’m quite an expert in that. ^_^

I do find some translations very annoying, like for instance otaku gets translated into “techie” or “geek” which does not cover it at all. Ah well, you can’t have everything and lucky enough I already watched the J-Drama.

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