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Toyota Previa dissected in a cutaway drawing – Picture of the Week

Earlier this week, I posted a Toyota Estima L Aeras G Limited ACR30 in Down on the Street. Today I will feature the non-JDM sister car the Toyota Previa in Picture of the Week. As it involves the first and second generations, I should have named that Pictures of the Week.

It’s funny how much you can actually observe from a cutaway drawing. Last week I already posted my amazement over the Galant GTO’s rear leaf springs. In the cutaway drawing of the Previa, I was also able to deduce a lot of things!

Cutaway drawing of the first generation Toyota Previa TCR20L
Cutaway drawing of the first generation Toyota Previa TCR20L

The first cutaway drawing above depicts the first-generation Previa. I’ve narrowed it down to a TCR20L as it is a seven-seater (eight-seater has the code TCR10L) and is a left-hand-drive example.

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Not so boring Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 – Down on the Street

I have a nose for out-of-the-ordinary cars and today’s Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 is a prime example of that! While driving through the parking garage I noticed this minivan making an attempt to park in a very tight spot. Even though it has the same shame, it didn’t match the ordinary Toyota Previa that we’re used to over here. When I drove passed it, I noticed the different tail lights and front. That’s when I knew I had to take a small detour one level down after I managed to parked my car one deck above.

Is that Toyota minivan interesting at all?
Is that Toyota minivan interesting at all?

Following the nose

My suspicions confirmed, it was indeed a second generation Estima and not a Previa. Not that it differs on the outside that much from the Previa, but the Estima was a JDM only model. Walking more up close I noticed the badges stating it is an Estima L and the Aeras version. But what does that mean? I’ll run you through all this Japanese goodness that we didn’t get!

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Hilarious: Bunta drives a Toyota Picnic!

What would Bunta Fujiwara drive in 2008?

A Toyota Ipsum (called Picnic outside Japan):

Funny he didn’t buy a Toyota Estima because the Ipsum is FWD and the Estima RWD (MR).

The Japanese Estima may be a bit less well equiped than the American supercharged version, but it sure does have potential:

Manji drifting on the straight!!! :D

So the big question is: why would Bunta Fujiwara favor the Ipsum above the Estima then? IMO I think it is quite natural of Bunta to do such a thing: Takumi first learns to drive the Trueno AE86 (FR layout) really hard. Then he gets beaten by Bunta in an AWD Impreza, so he has to learn to drive that AWD really hard as well. Logically Bunta would then have to beat Takumi with a FWD, so what better car to totally humiliate Takumi with???
Right: the Toyota Ipsum!

Edit: video doesn’t work anymore, so here is a picture to compensate that:
Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop
Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop

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