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ITT2012: the swapped Lexi!

A little bit different than the previous nostalgic posts is todays post. At the festival I found two Lexus IS200s where the engine was swapped in favor of some other engine. The (sorry to day this) lesser one was this IS200 with genuine JDM Altezza grille:
ITT: Lexus IS200 with 1JZ-GTE
It has been imported to the Netherlands less than a year ago as an IS200 but on papers it already had a 2.5 litre engine. I think you can already guess what engine it had…

Indeed! A second generation 1JZ-GTE: Continue reading

Car chases: J-tin lovers eat your heart out!

Another J-tin destruction mix video by 44magnumM29 and this time most definitely not for the fain hearted: in the first half minute a blue hakosuka Skyline is bumpercar-ed into scrap metal. Don’t worry: it is only a short nosed four door GC10. ;)

Also watch out for several Toyota Centuries and kujira Crowns to be blown up!

And a bonus question: can anyone guess the car featured from 1:04 till 1:40?

Direct link to the video: Car chase carnage

BTW: the drama series is not named (44magnumM29 is afraid it gets removed) and stunt work is performed by stuntman Mike and his team.

Toyota Century slammed by TFL?

The Toyota Century is an amazing car! I did see a Century from the 80s in the Louwman Collection museum and it is HUGE!

Personally I’m not that fond of slammed VIP cars, but when I watched this video of TFL taking care of the second generation Toyota Century:

It has got huge Brabus wheels, a fender pole, hovers 5 cm above the ground and let’s not forget that hum (which you can’t hear in the clip) from the huge 5 liter V12!

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