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Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 2

A month ago I already blogged about the Drift: Beauty Battle and I wrote I would try to watch it that night…

I still haven’t been able to watch it entirely. It is so hilarious! 😀
Especially the translations are terrific! Toyota is called Nong Tian and the car is called Carrola Laiby!
Drift: Beauty Battle Corolla Levin becomes Carrola Laiby
I can understand the Carrola Laiby error because that is what it is pronounced as in Japanese. However you can clearly see Levin on the side of the car!

But Nong Tian?? It is clearly pronounced as Toyota!?! And produced in 1983 and 1984? It is clearly a kouki Levin, and they were produced from 1985 till 1987! I hope you can understand now why I’m having difficulty when watching this series…

Anyway, I’m now watching two Youtube movies per day during my lunchbreak, so hopefully I’ve finished this next wednesday. 😉

Hachi roku waltz!

Found this on HR Blog yesterday:
Waltzing hachi rokus in Ireland!!!

I think it is a very memorable achievement! I already think dancing an AE86 is wicked, but revving the Emperor Waltz by Johann Strauss is simply amazing!!

Quick search on AE86 at

Amazing! I’ve never really followed Amazon since I only bought books at local stores… Since I moved to Hilversum I don’t really have a good English bookstore anymore and I’m forced to buy my English books somewhere else.

That’s when I started to use Amazon again. For the fun I wanted to know what books there were on Toyota Corolla AE86. Boy what a surprise I had! 😉

First of all: top product was Car Hacks & Mods For Dummies, which of course is utterly crap!

Then I saw that not only books were sold, but also diecast models: AE86 diecast scale model

But then I scrolled down and saw these automitve products:
FRP Toyota Corolla AE86 bodykit and Prothane (18-2010) AE86 Bushings – AE86

The bushings are even cheaper than what we sold in the AEU86 shop or PASS Racing!

Of course I did search upon “AA63”, “TA63” and “Toyota Carina” but that did not return any relevant results… I think I only search on Amazon for interchangeable parts with the AE86 then. 😉

To give an impression what Toyota Corolla AE86 stuff is available on Amazon:

AE86 with 380hp back in 1991

I found this old footage on Youtube:

According to the user who placed the video this Corolla Levin AE86 has a 380hp turbo-ed 4AGE. Very impressive, and more impressive they did that 17 years ago!!

You can see the exhaust got a simple turbo manifold and a lot of piping go through the enginebay. The turbo is enormous, so I expect the boost being at least 16psi! Looking at the piping the car probably has an intercooler under the front air dam. And the engine is not a 4AGZE block which currently is a popular basis for turbocharging but a normal bigport (probably second generation) 4AGE: it still has the TVIS.

At first I doubted about the authenticy of this video, but if I look well to both surroundings (and clothing of the people) and other videos this user posted I can conclude that the footage is authentic! Back in those days the only modifications were functional modifications: tower brace, boost gauge, revmeter and that’s it. Other from that the car looks like a stock kouki AE86 which just rolled out of the Toyota factory!

Sad day: My old Trueno is really dead now

Just got the news: my old Trueno is dead now.

This is how the car looked shortly after I sold the car:
How the Trueno looked after I sold it
How the Trueno looked after I sold it (with Chowini AE86 in background)
And yes, that’s the Chowini AE86 blogged about in the background.

Then after half a year I got the message from EircamAE86 that the Trueno crashed during a trackday:
Trueno crashed during trackday

He promised to fix it up and he did:
Trueno all fixed up

However the structure of the car was damaged and EircamAE86 did not brace the cage to the shell. After one trackday the car was bent and out of shape again. RIP Trueno… ;(

HachiRock!! Festa 2008

I just found this on the HR Blog: HachiRock!! Festa 2008
HachiRock!! Festa 2008

This is one of the biggest Hachi Roku events in Japan, maybe even bigger than HachiRoku day!

It is amazing how many Hachi’s actually turned up there:
many many ae86s at HachiRock!! Festa 2008

They claim last year over 250 hachis turned up, but this year they limited it to 250 participants who already sold out the place in May!!

They had a little nice surprise for all attendants:
HachiRock!! Festa 2008 chocolates!
HachiRock!! Festa 2008 chocolates! Yummie! 🙂

You can read (ahum, look at pictures) more here:

I could only dream the AEU86 4th annual meeting would exceed only 50 cars! Maybe if we would make it more exclusive it would attract more hachis. 😉

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