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Saving Stepho’s Toyota Site from disappearing

Stepho’s Toyota Site has been an indispensable resource for the classic Toyota community over the past two decades. Unfortunately his Australian provider Iinet stopped hosting their customers websites and therefore something important disappeared. Luckily enough I was able to retrieve 98% of its content from and decided set up a mirror of Stepho’s Toyota Site on my website. I was able to contact Wayne and got his approval for setting up a mirror. He confirmed his provider stopped doing webhosting and he’s currently looking for new hosting and overhauling his entire website. Until he has done so the mirror on this site will remain.

Stepho's Toyota Site mirror at
The last snapshot of Stepho’s Toyota Site in March 2023 looked like this

Stepho’s Toyota Site

For those that are unfamiliar with Stepho’s Toyota Site, Wayne Stephenson created a website about Toyota as far back as 2000-ish. The webdesign feels even older than that and I’d say it’s more like 1997-ish, using free webcounters and webrings. (do you even remember those?) Wayne owned (or owns?) a 1977 Toyota Celica RA28 and a 1979 Carina TA45 in which he swapped a Lexus 1UZ V8. He shared all information he had on his website and slowly it became a rich resource of technical Toyota data. Over the decades he added more and more information and also visitors contributed their knowledge to his site.

I’m confident to say that almost any (older) technical Toyota resource has been “borrowing” knowledge from Wayne’s site. I’m a 100% sure that I did. A quick scan through my website shows I have at least three links to his site. Also on the AEU86 site we copied data from his site, put that in our Technical Reference and linked back to his site. I would say Wayne is one of those unsung internet heroes who put a lot of effort in making information available and sharing it with the community!

Challenges to set up a mirror

You may think setting up a mirror is a breeze. Just download the content and then put it online somewhere. If it were that easy, my life would have been a lot easier than that. The keeps copies of the files and pages it crawled in the past, but that means that if it didn’t retrieve all files its copy isn’t complete. I wasn’t planning to go over the and save each and every file individually. Luckily they have a page covering downloading a complete snapshot from the and someone made a tool that would be able to download all files in such a snapshot. I extracted over 900 files from the from the latest snapshot, but quickly found out it wasn’t complete.

While traversing through the contents I kept finding missing files, so one by one I looked up these files, extracted the snapshot-identifier and saved the files in this snapshot over the latest. Then I overwrote the html files with the ones from the latest snapshot. Unfortunately there are still files missing. Especially the missing Celica brochures is a huge loss.

Stepho’s Toyota Site mirror

I ended up keeping the mirror as close as possible to Wayne’s original site, but it was inevitable that I had to make a couple of alterations.

I had to remove the hyperlinks to the missing files from the html to prevent errors. I removed the webcounter and webring parts as the webcounter and webring both have disappeared a long time ago. Instead I added a Google analytics tag to keep track of the website and what files are still missing.

I hope Wayne is able to get new hosting soon!

JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

First of all: Happy new year and all the best wishes for 2016!

Last weeks teaser was: What is this badge and what does TTC stand for?
Toyota Total Clean System
Some guesses were made and some people refrained from googling, but Rookie Tuner provided the correct answer: TTC is an acronym for Toyota Total Clean System.

Japanese Emission Regulations

Just like now in Shanghai and Milan some major cities in Japan during the 60s smog was getting really bad. The Japanese government responded with an emission regulations law in 1968 that would become active in January 1975. Toyota responded to this with the three versions of the Toyota Total Clean System and applied it to various car models. Toyota advertised the Toyota Crown S80 as pure, clean and serene. Almost as if you no longer have to feel guilty for pollution when you are driving a car. Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: so much wow from Toyota!

Toyota launched their latest campaign at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 today and it is called What wows you?. For the introduction video of this new campaign they used various photos that I often label here as Family Album Treasures: aged photos of people posing in front of their pride and joy that could literally be taken out of their family albums.
Family Album Treasures: Toyota so much wow
Surprisingly the photos used in the video aren’t all made by Toyota: the first shot even portraits a BMW 5 series and later in the video there are a Mazda Familia (BH) and VW Beetle to be seen. But of course the majority of the photos are all Toyotas.

It isn’t a Doge so much wow-meme they used though. You can watch the video below: Continue reading

The Carina A6 in the Toyota Family Tree

A couple of days ago Japanese Nostalgic Car posted (yes I do read their blog occasionally) that because of their 75th anniversary Toyota created a big family tree of all models they created. Of course I immediately looked up the third generation Carina in it:
Carina A60 in the Toyota family tree
The nice thing is that they have a fairly good description on the timelines and model and it even includes what plat produced the car. The whole Carina lineup was produced in the Tsutsumi plant. They do mention the addition of the 1C diesel, 4T-GTE and 4A-GE engines but they forgot to add them to the specification sheet.

Another fun fact is that they set the release date to a specific date and in the case of the third generation Carina it was 7th of September 1981: coincidentally my dads birthday. 😉

Direct links to the model pages:
Carina A60 sedan (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 coupe (RA63/TA61/TA63/SA60/AA60)
Carina A60 Surf (SA60)
Carina A60 van (TA67)

You can also view the original/initial catalogs, but later ones are not included. Links to the catalogs:
Carina A60 sedan and coupe (September 1981)
Carina A60 Surf (February 1982)
Carina A67 van (September 1981)

If you really want to reverse engineer you can actually access the scanned pages of the catalogs directly. These are the first page and last page of the first catalog. 😉

BTW: I just realized the old site got broken after the server upgrade a few months ago and the old content has disappeared. I’ll see if I can fix that. 🙂

Video: Can it get cheesier than this Cressida?

I’m sohohohohohorry! But this North American Toyota Cressida promo (or should I call it a soap-opera) is sooooo cheesy!
Enjoy part one:

And enjoy part two:

Now, my wife would probably divorce me if I wake up like that guy Allen! He really woke up like he had some sort of wet-dream and mumbled a lot of stuff about Cressida! 😉

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