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Sporting the Mazda Cosmo Sport – Family Album Treasures

The photograph of a Mazda Cosmo Sports 110 below looks like any other ordinary photograph from someone’s family album. However, if you look at the date scribbled in the right bottom corner your eyebrows will be raised! The Mazda Cosmo Sport 110 was only first sold in 1967, so how can this be?

Takaharu Kobayakawa with the Mazda Cosmo Sports 110 prototype
Takaharu Kobayakawa with the Mazda Cosmo Sports 110 prototype

The Mazda Cosmo Sport 110 prototype was unveiled at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show. The motor show was held from the 26th of September till the 9th of October. That means this photograph was taken even before the unveiling of the Cosmo!

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Family Album Treasures: so much wow from Toyota!

Toyota launched their latest campaign at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 today and it is called What wows you?. For the introduction video of this new campaign they used various photos that I often label here as Family Album Treasures: aged photos of people posing in front of their pride and joy that could literally be taken out of their family albums.
Family Album Treasures: Toyota so much wow
Surprisingly the photos used in the video aren’t all made by Toyota: the first shot even portraits a BMW 5 series and later in the video there are a Mazda Familia (BH) and VW Beetle to be seen. But of course the majority of the photos are all Toyotas.

It isn’t a Doge so much wow-meme they used though. You can watch the video below: Continue reading

Mazda RX-500 concept car in the woods

In 1970 Mazda showed on the 17th Tokyo Motor Show one of the most extraordinary concept cars for its time: the RX-500. After 40 years this car is still as amazing as it was in 1970,
Mazda RX-500 concept car
Mazda RX-500 concept car

The only thing that bugs me is: what is it doing in the middle of a forest and why do the boy and girl in the background embrace each other? Are they afraid of the whole car? Is ti threatening them? What mastermind thought of such a bad publicity photo? ??(?????)??

Honda City and Motocompo study in 2001: the Honda e-DAX

I couldn’t let go the combination of the Honda City and the Motocompo, so I did some searching upon the topic of foldable motorized bikes and found this:
Motocompo successor: the Honda e-dax
The Motocompo successor: the Honda e-DAX

The e-DAX was a prototype shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2001 as a foldable bike for the Honda Bulldog prototype. What a coincidence that the Honda City Turbo II was nicknamed the Bulldog (it really looked like one!) and the Motocompo’s bigger brother was called the Dax in Europe.

Honda Bulldog and E-dax on Tokyo Motor Show 2001
Honda Bulldog and e-DAX on Tokyo Motor Show 2001

The e-DAX only weighted 25kg and could easily be folded into a compact package. The e-DAX has unfolded the same dimensions as the Motocompo but was rougly twice as small when folded. Also the weight was only half of the Motocompo. I really wonder why Honda never actually tried to sell the e-DAX…

If you want to know more about the e-DAX or the Bulldog:
[Honda World e-DAX exhibition]
[e-DAX on Tokyo Motor Show 2001]

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