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Initial D flashgame #1

A long time ago I came across some crappy Initial D flash games. I found this one quite humorous, especially since it lacks any good graphics or gameplay at all!

I saved if for later use or for my offspring to find it years from now, either way it would have any use at all. Just went cleaning out my harddisk and found it again, so it became the first rather than the last. So of course I had to share it this way.

Have “fun”:
Initial D flashgame battle drift
Click on the image to start the game, or go here directly:

Initial D Flashgame #2

Last week I already added the first Initial D flash game. This new one is even more crappier, however it is backed up by Newgrounds so apparently there should be some quality in it. ;)

Judge for yourself:
Initial D flashgame drift stage
Click on the image to start the game, or go here directly:

Hilarious: I love tofu

I already saw this news on Failblog last week and apparently a woman who loves tofu ordered a personalized license plate with ILVTOFU and the DMV objected her request for obvious reasons:

So tofu is obscene all of a sudden? Would it be obscene to cook a deep fried tofu Oden soup together with your dog?

(yes I really love cooking with dog!)
And it gives a whole new dimension to Takumi Fujiwara doing nightly tofu deliveries. Would be be a pimp then? And his father a brothel owner because he runs a tofu shop?

Would that mean that Iketani asking for deep fried tofu is asking to be fucked really deep then?

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