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Carina sightings:Carina A40 commercials with Sonny Chiba

After last weeks puppy saving Carina with Sonny Chiba we have two other Carina videos featuring him:

The Sporty Special looks like a great car to me! Could it have been a special version of the Carina GT coupe TA45 or was it just the ordinary LX or XT?

How about Sonny Chiba driving the Swiss Alps then?

Lovely sight to see the Carina coupe driving through the mountains! Even the Swiss Rescue give their thumbs up!

TA40 pedalbox arrived!

The TA40 pedalbox has arrived yesterday!

TA40 pedals

Unfortunately Mark totalled his Celica TA40 and a lot of parts were salvagable. Lucky for me the TA40 pedalbox, master break and clutch cylinders were in perfect condition!

I bought the set because when converting from auto I’m in need of a clutch pedal. Since the TA40 and TA60 have the same bottom the pedalbox should be a perfect fit!

Thanks again for going through all trouble Mark!

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