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Down on the Street: Suzuki Alto SS40

Last week on Friday I picked up my son from school. Since it was such nice warm autumn (or fall) afternoon and he was playing happily with some of the other kids at school I took a short hike in the street of my son’s school. Then I spotted this well used Suzuki Alto SS40:
Down on the Street: Suzuki Alto SS40
Actually Wikipedia refers to it as the SS80 and I only read this later after I made this video.

You can watch the video below:

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Picture of the week: cutaway Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W

The Suzuki Fronte Coupe LC10W (predecessor of the Suzuki Cervo) is a beautifully designed car by Giugiaro and it gets even better in this cutaway picture from the original 1972 brochure:
Cutaway Suzuki Front Coupe 1972
Imagine the work and effort taken to draw this picture: back in 1972 there was no Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. And even today with Photoshop it would be a gigantic effort to draw anything like this!

Found at: Suzuki Cervo history

Minipato: small kei patrol cars

Just found a new mind boggling term: Minipato (ミニパト).

Basically I was searching around for the Suzuki Cervo SS20 and stumbled upon a page about the Suzuki Cervo used in the Mechadoc manga and anime. It was referred to as the Minipato. So what is a Minipato then? Simple: a mini patrol car!
Minipato: Mechadoc's Cervo SS20 pato!
Now how awesome is that?

I also found when searching for the phrase Minipato lots and lots of pictures of kei patrol cars used by the Japanese police. Another famous one is, obviously, the Honda Today driven by Natsumi and Miyuki in Taiho Shichauzo (You’re under arrest!): Continue reading

DOTS: 1979 Suzuki Cervo SC100

Half a year ago I posted a black 1981 Suzuki Cervo SC100 and thought it was a one time only… Well last Sunday I spotted another Cervo:
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX

This brown GX model was parked in the back of a parking lot in front of a party-centre. You can see the sign saying “Parkeren achterzijde” which roughly translates into “rear parking”. Glad they didn’t park it there, otherwise I wouldn’t have spotted the Cervo!

Seen from the front it looks immaculate:
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX

Apart from that one tiny little dent in the front bumper…

But on the rear…
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX
Down on the Street: Suzuki Cervo SC100 GX

…lots of dents in the rear bumper! How can you bump such a tiny car into something else? I mean: you can practically feel the distance when you stick your arms out of the window! ;)

MOT expired about two years ago and apart from the flat tire I can’t see anything wrong with this car…

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