Today I got reminded that the Toyota Supra MA70 is a proper classic now: the first ones were built in 1986 already which means they are already 28 years old by now. These Supras advanced cars back in the mid 80s, especially the JDM GA70 and later JZA70s were awesome cars!
Toyota Supra MA70 Cutaway drawing
The reason why I got reminded of the Supra was because of this comment on Jalopnik by CaCressida on the topic What car could have been great but wasn’t made me laugh out loud:

Toyota’s MK3 Supra sucked ass. The 7M is a total boat anchor that pops head gaskets and chews rod bearings like popcorn. The Mk2 Supra and MK4 Supra are both lighter than the Mk3 Supra and both offered better engines even though the MK2’s engine was .2 liters and 12 valves short of the 7M. The MK3 was a confused car. It didn’t know if it was a GT car or a luxury car. The turbo 7M wasn’t exactly an engine worth salivating for either. We actually call MK3 Supras Rolling box of Cressida parts in the Cressida forums. We steal the differentials, transmissions and pedals off these things and chuck the bodies in the trash.

Bring on the MK3 Supra humpers…

BTW: I don’t necessarily share this view, so if you feel attacked by the above, please leave your comments at Jalopnik and not here. ;)

Via Jalopnik
Cutaway drawing found at: MA71SupraTurbo