Down on the Street: Nissan Sunny GTi-R N14

January 3, 2014 in down on the street

I found this beautiful Nissan Sunny GTi-R N14 parked in the town next to my hometown.

I actually returned to the “scene of the crime” to take photos of a Nissan Silvia S14 I spotted a half year earlier but I lacked to bring a camera back then. So I was quite surprised to find this GTi-R parked on the same spot!

I actually spotted a white Sunny GTi-R before on the Wangan Warriors 10 meeting but it is not the same car. So I was lucky to spot a second one of these great little cars!

Yes it is a genuine GTi-R: Read the rest of this entry →

DOTS: doing it wrong with a Sunny N14!

November 28, 2010 in dots

This Nissan Sunny N14 was parked right next to my house and immediately caught my attention. Made a small U-turn (I was on my bike) and took a few pictures. Can you guess what is wrong with this Nissan Sunny?
DOTS: Nissan Sunny N14
DOTS: Nissan Sunny N14

Take good notice of the position of the steering wheel (yes, LHD).

And then compare it with this close-up picture:
DOTS: Nissan Sunny N14
DOTS: Nissan Sunny N14

You probably already guessed it: there is a Recaro seat in that Sunny and it is on the passenger side!
WTF?! You are doing it wrong! The driver should sit in the Recaro and the passenger on the normal seat! 😀

BTW: both pictures were shot with my Helios 44-2 lens on f2.8, hence the big amount of bokeh.