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AEU86: OEM sticker copies

Just received new stock of the AE86 OEM sticker reproductions we sell through the AEU86 shop I know it is a shameless plug for the webshop, but it serves a greater goal I guess. 😉

JCS2011: Emblems, decals and details!

Time to share some emblems, decals and sticker close ups! Toyota Crown MS75 emblem This Crown emblem was on the bumper of a Crown hardtop coupe MS75. I love the bonkers design of this whale Crown and certainly small details like this little Crown logo… Another Crown detail: Toyota Crown MS56 emblem The Crown emblem…

Amazing delightful Ken & Mary Skyline C110 stickers

I found these lovely Ken & Mary Skyline C110 stickers in my Valentine’s day search yesterday: Ken & Mary Skyline stickers According to the text the owner inherited a bunch of brochures and stickers from his dad….

WTF: Paul Newman sticker

Half of me said WTF?! while the other half of me said Brilliant! Paul Newman sticker Yes, the Skyline R30 is terrific! I found the sticker here at zeki’s blog @ minkara. Another four stickers can be found there as well!