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Commercial Time: Space Age Nissan concept car

In 1983 the Nissan Motor Company celebrated its 50th anniversary and they showed in Japan a commercial that revealed a space age looking concept car that got updated to the 80s taste:
Space Age Nissan concept car
Sleek looking aerodynamic (not soap bar yet) delta wing idea that must have convinced people in the 80s that Nissan was seriously going to make flying or rocket cars in the (near) future. This Nissan concept car certainly does that!

If you squint your eyes you can make out the 1971 Nissan 216X concept car:
1971 Nissan 216X concept car

Interestingly enough there is also another concept car called the NX-21 that introduced the EXA concept:
1983 Nissan NX21 concept car
Yes, this Nissan concept car is somewhere between the 216X and the EXA but nowhere near the one shown in the commercial. ;)

For completeness here is the 80s Nissan commercial:

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Commercial time: psychedelic Corona Mark II RT60

I found this great Space Age (almost psychedelic) commercial of the Toyota Corona Mark II:

The advertisement was made in 1968 with the first generation Mark II and it just landed in between the swinging sixties and the Space Age! The music and voice over is typically sixties beat while the Advertisement just Space Age.

This zenki model of the Corona Mark II was meant as a model in between the commercial successes of the small Corona and large Crown and had to address the new salary men. What better way to address them than with a psychedelic commercial in the Cinema or on prime time television?

A couple of decades later their children take dads old Corona Mark II and make it a bit more psychedelic than their fathers would have wished for during those swinging sixties… (???)

Direct link to video: TOYOPET CORONA MARKā…” RT60 RT70

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