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My stonks are soaring baby! – Family Album Treasures

At the height of the Japanese bubble economy, everything was booming: stocks, assets and land value. You name it, it was almost doubling year-over-year (well, that’s a bit exaggerated), so once you had become Mr. Big, you had to show it. Buying a Soarer Z20 would definitely show you were big in Japan!

Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!
Toyota Soarer Z20 soaring in value!

I can’t really tell whether this photo above is actually shot during the bubble era or it’s an homage to this era. The suit is the late 1980s/early 1990s, the mobile phone as well and so is the Toyota Soarer Z20. However, these rims actually feel more like the late 1990s and the camber as well. The photo is clearly shot with film, so if it were a homage, kudos to the photographer!


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