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Brilliant: Soaring smokers

I found this brilliant ashtray on a blog about deep dished rims and I must say that the concept of uniting smokers with the 7M-GTE turbo engine of the Soarer MZ21 is a stoke of genius!
Soarer Super Turbo ashtray
Of course now 25 years later this ashtray has become a blast of the past…

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video: Soarer MZ11 versus Soarer MZ21

After Thursdays overkill in Soarers I started searching on some videos. I found this short 1987 comparison video of the old (1986) and new (1987) Soarer:

As you can see: the new MZ21 Soarer with Air Suspension did improve a lot over the older (yet already amazing) Soarer with TEMS. The Air Suspension clearly compensates breaking out the new Soarer and keeps it in a straight line… Also the 0.2 liter increased 5M to 7M really makes a difference: about two seconds on the 0-400m run. But that is rather normal for a 70hp increase. Still I personally prefer the MZ11 styling above the MZ21…

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