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Brilliant: since 1957

Just found this excellent blog through one of the users in my Youtube subscriptions: it simply is bringing you brochures/catalogues, commercials, leaflets, tiny small details or just anything related to the Skyline!
Skyline 2000GT S54B brochure
Take for instance these two mid pages of an awesome Skyline 2000GT brochure! Just awesome stuff!
So go check it out: Since 1957

Commercial time: Kens parents get married

There had to be something before Ken and Mary, right? They must have come from somewhere and it probably wasn’t a Nissan Skyline that gave birth to them…
Ken's parents get married in a Skyline S50
The Nissan Skyline C10 was the third generation Skyline and the first car released after the Nissan and Prince Motor Company merger and the fourth Skyline model became famous for its Ken and Mary commercials. Before merger the Skyline range belonged to the Prince Motor Company and I personally consider the Skyline as a manly car. So the Prince Motor Company must have been the parents of Ken while Nissan must have been the parents of Mary.

Prince featured Ken’s parents their commercial for the second Skyline model (S50):

So now we know that Kens parents loved skiing and were god fearing christians. ;)

Direct link to video: スカイラインのあるところ、ここにも幸せが。

Visual Museum Skyline DVD

Shortly before Mr. Itirou Makoto Sakurai passed away (January 17th 2011) a DVD by Visual Museum appeared with an interview with him. The DVD covers the second (S54B), third (PGC10) and fourth (KPGC110) generations of Skylines. It could very well have been his last interview.

Just have a look at the trailer:

The music, short skirted female silhouette and montage: it all feels a bit 90s to me… Nevertheless a very promising DVD!

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