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Rediculously cool Skyline sunset

This is one of the most brilliant photos I’ve seen so far this year: a sunset with the most beautiful Skyline lineup you can imagine! Obviously it now sits on the background of my desktop. 🙂
Third old car meeting in Hiroshima
Third old car meeting in Hiroshima

The photo was taken by Mikuni Auto at the third Hiroshima old car meeting. The meeting itself was, obviously, a charity event for the Japanese Red Cross.

Found at [Mikuni Auto]

Video: 1971 Japanese Grand Prix astonishing domination by Nissan

JPN (Edit 2021: Rocketpencil no longer exists) uploaded another astonishing video: the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix held at Fuji International Speedway!

It consists out of three races: the Touring A (1600cc) class, Touring B (2000cc) class and the Grand Touring class, translating into Bluebird, Skyline and Fairlady Z.

All non-Nissanians will complain I over simplified the outcome of the 1971 Japanese Grand Prix a bit. Yes there are indeed other cars (like the Mazda RX-2) but that’s what the main field and winners looked like: a dominating Nissan. Only later that year the Mazda RX-3s broke the winning victory streak of those menacing Skylines…

Direct link to video: 1971 Japan Grand Prix

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