During programming at work I like to listen to some music because I can concentrate more and it makes me focus much more upon the progamming instead of being distracted by colleagues.

Today I really was looking for some Super Eurobeat because I needed to speed up the typing even more… So I started looking for an Eurobeat shoutcast stream. Then I discovered Initial D World opened a shoutcast stream featuring Eurobeat on the 16th of April last year. Talk about nice birthday present more than a year afterwards. ;)

They say that Eurobeat will be broadcasted at least 12 hours a day between 4:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM PST, and the rest of the time it will be filled up with DJ sets and some other music whenever needed. Currently it should be Trance and Eurobeat, however I currently only hear Eurobeat…

This is their current schedule:
Initial D World DJ Schedule

You can find the stream here:
Initial D World Shoutcast stream