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My Carina: Celica Supra seats upgrade

I have always fancied the Toyota Corolla AE86 or Toyota Celica Supra seats as they are quite comfortable for OEM factory seats and still give enough support at the thighs and back when cornering.
My Carina: Celica Supra seat upgrade
In contrast the OEM Toyota Carina TA60 seats feels more like sitting on a buck of a carriage: too high and no support to be expected from any side. I regularly bumped by head against the ceiling if I took a speedbump too fast.

You probably get what I mean if you compare the two different seats with each other: Continue reading

How to recycle your AE86 seats?

Alexi Smith from Nori Yaro posted a picture of another way to recycle your AE86 seats:
Recycle your AE86 in a different way!
Recycle your AE86 in a different way!

It kind of reminded me of the AE86 seats I tried to clean up… Not that they were this moldy, but believe me: they were moldy enough!

Back then I was very brave and removed all metal rings holding the seat together. Thinking about me removing those rings still hurts because of the blisters I got. Then I removed the cloth and washed it 3 or 4 times, both by hand and in the washing machine. In the end the seat looked cleaner than when I got them, but when I compared it to the dirty seats which were already in my Trueno I decided to keep those: they were cleaner than the ones I had washed!

Well at least I learned how the disassemble and reassemble both AE86 seats. 😉

[ Picture made by Nori Yaro ]

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