Remember the car usage in tokusatsu movies and series? Most tokusatsu heroes have the most expensive and most up to date cars of that moment, but not Ultraman. Ultraman can fly, so he has no need for some super fast car with the latest technical abilities. Ultraman can do almost anything: Specium Ray, Ultra Slash, Electrical Immunity, Ultra Attack Beam, High Spin, Ultra Air Catch, Ultra Air Catch, Ultra Psychokinesis, Flight, Teleportation, Ultra Current, Dynamic Size Change, Clairvoyance Beam, Ultra Chop, Ultra Punch, Ultra Kick, Ultra Swing, Ultra Eye Spot, Slash Beam, Catch Rings, Star of Ultra, Ultra Separation, Marine Spacium Beam, Energy Transfer Beam, Final Cross Shield, Energy Exposure, Giga Specium Beam and Beta Capsule Transformation.

Lucky enough for him he now has a new ability: scat singing!

Scatman John only had one big hit in the world, but apparently they loved him till death (and after as well!) in Japan: he scored hit after hit in Japan and after he died they released a special edition tribute cd with several unreleased Japanese tracks (“Su Su Su Super Kirei” and “Pripri Scat”). Even today he is still very popular in Japan and now even Ultraman is continuing his scat singing abilities!