This week Japanese Nostalgic Car did not have a Seibu Keisatsu like video: they had the Tokyo Matter by pixar I posted last week. So I started to watch some myself on Youtube. I did find a great related video of a police chase. The “bad” guys are being chased in their brand new Mazda Savanna RX7 by a gigantic police force of outdated J-tin and by the chief detective in his Mazda Cosmo AP RX5.

In the start of the video the chase is quite spectacular, but after the chief detective made his Cosmo AP into a convertible and still continues the chase it really starts to get rediculous! At the end he bashes his Cosmo into some boxes after going head to head with the Savanna RX7 and even before he hits the boxes his car is already on fire.

Anyone familiar with this series? I want to see more! :D