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Hilarious: Butaketsu Laurel C130 backing up

Fake or not: this video of a Nissan Laurel C130 pigsbutt (butaketsu Laurel) backing up against the dude helping reverse parking is very funny: I really wonder what will happen… Watch the video below for the unpredictable outcome:…

Commerical time: Sakura de Datsun!

Never knew the Datsun 200SX/Datsun Silvia/Nissan Gazelle S110 actually sold in Mexico as the Datsun Sakura. Personally I think the name is even more awesome than Gazelle or Silvia, let alone 200SX… But that’s just my opinion. 😉

Carina Sightings: Yokosuka’s deep blue Carina AA63 (part 2)

I spotted this great looking picture on PhilsCarBlog and recognized the car as Yokosuka’s deep blue AA63 I posted before: Yokosuka’s Carina AA63 So I decided to have another look at his blog and found that he made quite a few updates in the past 10 months! First of all he shot this beautiful sakura…

Japanese cherry blossoms in Holland

Last year I already noticed the trees next to the red Mazda Miata were Japanese cherry trees and I was hoping I could take a nice picture of the Miata with the cherry blossoms this spring. Unfortunately I only could take that picture: Japanese cherry blossoms in Holland As you can see: the Miata disappeared…

Random: Sakura KGC10

speechless Sakura Nissan Skyline KGC10 Definitely the best Sakura picture of this year! If you wish to see more pictures of this beautiful car and cherry blossom: kgc10kai’s blog