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Dried mushrooms are bad! (for an AE86)

Drugs are bad m’kay. Dried mushroom filter At least, that’s what I thought when I saw this dried out mushroom filter on the RS Yasu blog. The mushroom filter belonged to this very nive Levin: Toyota Levin AE86 Now try picture where exactly that missing part currently is… 😉 Found at [RS Yasu]

WTF: AE86 N2 with a 4.5A-GE?

You probably are (very) well known with the 4A-GE, you may have heard from the 7A-GE or even heard from the 5A-GE. But a 4.5A-GE? Probably never! RS YASU 4.5A-GE To clarify some things: the 7A-GE is a 1.8 litre engine made by combining a 4A-GE head and a 7A-FE bottom. The 5A-GE is a…

Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup in Europe?

RS Yasu updated their blog with the notion that they are closed between 30th of december and 5th of january. Normally I would say this is not too exciting news, however they did feature a photograph of the KE30B122 pickup in front of their workshop: Toyota Corolla KE30 pickup in front of a European looking…