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Family album treasures: Dukes of Hazzard style Nissan Laurel SGX

To prove that not all Nissan Laurel C130s were bosozoku styled during the 80s: Nissan Laurel C130 with Enkei Baja wheels With those Enkei Baja wheels and the Monroe air shocks all it needs is to be red and it would be the Japanese replica of the General Lee! 😀 Found at: Minkara

Retro: 1995 Lancer Evo III GSR

You probably think: another 1995 video? When will this end?? I came across this video of the Lancer Evo III on a different way than digging into the dungeons of Youtube. This video was made back in 1995 when the car was hot and new! Just looking at the car makes me feel this is…