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The impulsive Impul March K11 and Impul March Classic – March-athon

Today I’ll feature the Impul March and Impul March Classic variants of the Nissan March K11. As I mentioned in the previous post about the March-athon, I would step away from the factory variants like the Tango, Rumba, Bolero and Polka and move on to another variant. As the title suggests, we’re moving towards a company called Impul.

Introducing the Impul March and Impul March Classic Neo-Retro Sport
Introducing the Impul March and Impul March Classic Neo-Retro Sport

But before we dive into Impul and the March, I’ve asked ChatGPT if it could make a joke about the Impul March as well:
Why did the Impul March challenge the Nissan March White Limited to a race?
Because it wanted to see if its “impulsive” modifications could outpace the pure, pristine white beauty – but it quickly realized that even with all its upgrades, it couldn’t “march” past that classic elegance!

It’s scary it remembers that I asked it to make a joke about the Nissan March White Limited well over a month ago. At the same time it’s amazing how capable ChatGPT is in understanding what a Impul March is and how to incorporate this into a joke.

Hoshino Impul Co. Ltd.

For those less familiar with the Impul brand. Hoshino Impul Co. Ltd. was founded by racing driver Kazuyoshi Hoshino in 1980 and is often shortened to Impul. Hoshino was a famous Nissan works driver and he decided to hop on the aftermarket parts bandwagon.

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Nissan’s nearly last and final K11-swansong: the March Polka – March-athon

In the final year of Nissan March K11 production, the Nissan March Polka was introduced as a special version alongside the Bolero and Rumba. So today in the March-athon series we’re moving on to the fourth in the quartet: the Nissan March Polka! Naturally, I’ll compare the Polka against the other three musical dances: Tango, Bolero and Rumba.

2000 Nissan March Polka K11 (front)
2000 Nissan March Polka K11 (front)

But first, we need to verify if ChatGPT can outdo itself once more and make an even better joke about the March Polka:
What did the Nissan March Polka say when it won the dance competition?
“I may be small, but my polka moves are in a class of their own – the compact class, that is!”

That one was even better than the joke it made about the March Rumba!

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Nissan March Rumba – March-athon

The Nissan March Rumba was sold alongside the Bolero. So today in the March-athon series we’re covering everything about the Rumba and comparing it against the Bolero. But first something else. I was wondering if ChatGPT could outdo itself and make an even better joke about the March Rumba:
Why did the Nissan March Rumba refuse to dance?
Because it didn’t want to “auto-mambo” and preferred to keep its moves in “park-ison!”

Yes, ChatGPT definitely outdid itself!

Front view of 1998 Nissan March Rumba K11
Front view of 1998 Nissan March Rumba K11

What’s a Nissan March Rumba?

As you may have guessed from the introduction and the photos, the Nissan March Rumba is a retro-styled variant of the Nissan March. It became available from November 1998 onwards and was, alongside the Bolero, for sale until the end of the K11. Similar to the Tango and the Bolero, the Rumba is also a musical style (and dance) and this fits in within the March’s musical note lineup.

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Retro: 1995 Lancer Evo III GSR

You probably think: another 1995 video? When will this end?? I came across this video of the Lancer Evo III on a different way than digging into the dungeons of Youtube. This video was made back in 1995 when the car was hot and new!

Just looking at the car makes me feel this is very 90s! The rideheight of the car is enormous compared to what we’re used to nowadays and the method of registration is more or less documentary like with the long shots and long interviews. Compare that to the modern style of Hot Version:

Ah well, it must be that we’re already 7 evos further, so in another 12 years we’ll laugh our asses off at the Hot Version videos. ;)

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