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Count the Skylines (part 3)

As a follow up on yesterdays Restive Horse cage post another picture from the KCAR Autopolis meeting: So how many Skyline DR30s can you count in this picture? And to win a small prize: how many tekamen (iron mask) can you count in this picture? Found at Restive Horse car club

WTF: child caged in a Skyline DR30

Almost two years ago I spotted the Restive Horse car club on the Garage Pleasure blog and I started following them since. I was a bit surprised to find this picture this morning: That’s his daughter Miss Hasemi (yes, that’s really her name!) sitting in the best protected spot of the car enroute to the…

DR30 Carclub Restive Horse

At the Garage Pleasure blog I spotted a picture of a DR30 parked in front of a Garage where the DR30 inside garage looked very very agressive: Carclub Restive Horse garage box Now what would be the purpose of that DR30? I found out that the Garage belonged to the DR30 carclub Restive Horse and…