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Carina Sightings: Turbo diesel Carina ice racing

This Carina was posted two weeks back on Youtube:

This Carina is doing some ice racing and it is doing some sideways action along the way. In this case it is not that good: the car gets passed easily with the competition all being FWD cars.

According to the video this Carina features a Turbo Diesel engine. The Carina A6 never had a Turbo Diesel engine so it must be a transplanted engine. The video shows that the Turbo is from a Volvo 940, but no idea if the engine is from the 940. Also the Turbo is on the wrong way for the Carina, so either the exhaust could not be used and therefore it now features this nice “tractor” like exhaust pipe or they rerouted the exhaust pipe to the intake manifold and bolted the turbo right on it!

Edit: I got a reply from one of the owners/drivers, the engine is the 1C diesel with a 940 turbo on top of it! ;)

It kind of reminded me of this Carina I posted a long long time ago:

The color is different so it can’t be the same car but nice to see several people coming up with the same solution! :)

Drift City: Racing MMO

Some time ago I was searching for some drift pictures when I came across this:

Video provided by
Looks quite nice, doesn’t it? ;)

Well, I immediately downloaded the game (700MB!) and installed it and started playing it during my lunch breaks at work.

It is a very nice online MMO in which you can do missions but also do team efforts. The storyline itself is very linear, so everybody has to do the same missions and gets through the same cities as I did so far.

Only thing that costs (real) money are the car-level upgrades and the bling-parts. Car class upgrades means that the level 2 Panda (Sprinter Trueno AE86) I’m driving in can be upgraded to level 3, 4, etc. as long as you pay for it. Of course the Panda doesn’t get as good as the real cars from that level (like the Dodge Viper SRT/10 in car level 8).

And of course I still drive the Panda. At the moment I upgraded it to level 5 and it looks exactly the same as this one:
Drift City Panda (Sprinter Trueno AE86)
The Panda in Drift City (Sprinter Trueno AE86 lookalike)

Currently I just reached level 20, so I finally was able to register a crew. I did not need to think long for the name, so I registered the AEU86 crew.

Feel free to join in! :)

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