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JAF2011: Finally some celluloid photos! (part 2)

In total there were three AE86s on the paddock. Yesterday I already posted the purple Corolla AE86 with the BEAMS 3S-GE conversion, so how about this red Corolla AE86 with some deep dished SSR dori-dori rims? His Corolla Levin AE86 started its life as a Swiss red panda Corolla GT and slowly he migrated it…

Japanese rustoseums (part twentyone)

Now who would let a four door Skyline GTS25 ER33 rot away like this? Skyline ER33 GTS25 It is very very sad…. Found at [R’s]

Skylines are not ugly!

Remember what I wrote almost half a year ago? I wrote something about that Skylines are ugly. About two weeks ago apparently someone from the R31 Skylineclub in Australia read my rambling and posted it on the forum. You can read in the comments what people think of me now. 😉 Round taillights on this…