Yesterday I already posted a car chase by the Abunai Deka and today I have another one! This time they swapped their regular Nissan Leopard Y31 for a second generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am!

Now this is a perfectly good example why American cars are superior to the Japanese: you can empty your gun on a Trans Am and it will still be going as strong as when it left the Pontiac factory in the mid 70s! Now compare that to their regular Leopard: would they have survived at such an attack at all?

After four and a half minute of wrecking 20 to 30 perfectly good late 70s and early 80s Salary Men type saloons it comes to an end when the Trans Am finally escapes the junkyard. It must have been a wise choice of the director to pick the junkyard as the background of this scene: after wrecking 30 cars you can just leave them there! Saves a lot of trouble in logistics! Brilliant!