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I missed Seibu Keisatsu last Friday

I kind of miss Seibu Keisatsu on Friday when Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog doesn’t post it in the Friday Video. This weeks My Lucky Stars was a good substitute, but it clearly missed the brutality of Seibu Keisatsu!

Lucky enough I browsed some pages on last friday and found a site among the links which actually has a every episode listed in them, and not only that: it also features the complete car list of the Police! :)
Seibu Keisatsu Cedric C330s used by the Police
Seibu Keisatsu Cedric C330s used by the Police

It also features a lot of background information, like in the case of the C330s above it states that this generation of Cedrics mainly were used as police cars to be blown up or crash by the bad guys during the chases. What a bad fate for these beautiful cars!

Anyway, you can find the site here:

If you’re only interested in the cars, you can find the car listing here:

Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330

This week I wanted to highlight the Nissan Gloria / Cedric C330. :)

Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style
Nissan Gloria C330 Bosozoku style

The mid 70s cokebottle styled Gloria and Cedric and pilarless doors are excellent bodyshapes for a bosozoku styled car! It looks really wild in its shape, it’s got the big bad attitude of the early VIP cars and with the big flared fenders it looks even more wicked!

Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style
Nissan Gloria C330 Yanky style

These yanky styled Gloria C330s really looks a bit more like an American hotrod than a Bosozoku styled car. Only the exhaust gives away these cars. ;)

Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330
Bosozoku styled Nissan Gloria C330

The differences between the Gloria and Cedric are so minor that with a Bosozoku style makeover you can’t even tell if it is a Gloria or Cedric anymore! But this should be a Gloria

Both Cedric and Gloria were rivals of the Toyota Crown. Apart from the outragous President both vehicles were the flagships of the company.

The Gloria joined the Nissan lineup after Price merged with Nissan. From what I understood the Gloria was the upmarket car and the Cedric more or less the downsized car. In the previous generation of both vehicles this was even more clear: the Cedric featured less chrome and an hood ornament!

Just like its predecessor, the C230, the C330 features pilarless rear door, so there is no B post between the front and rear door. This to mimic late 60s and early 70s American cars even more.

Most cars feature the L26 engine but the L20 engine was also available but mainly used in the taxi variant of this car.

Factory stock Nissan Cedric C330 and Nissan Gloria C330
Almost factory stock Nissan Gloria C330

On this picture with almost factory stock Glorias you can clearly see how beautifully styled these C330s actually were! If I were to find one of these beauties in the Netherlands (they were sold here!) I doubt whether I would keep them stock or slam them to the ground Shakotan style!

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