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Hilarious: Carina A60 ads

To stay in the Carina Week spirits I’ve made a listing of all Carina A60 ads. Somehow they are just as wacky as all the other hilarious postings!

The puppy saving Twincam Turbo ad with Sonny Chiba:

The Carina Roadrunner II SG (twice) and the Carina Jeune:

The 1981 Carina AA60 (probably a Carina SG):

Another version of the hilarious Carina Twincam Turbo ad with Sonny Chiba, followed by another Carina Roadrunner II ad:

The Carina My Road:

This lady acts as if she is getting married in it! :D
Well I did in mine! ;)

And as last another Jeune ad:

Even though the rear bumper looks retarded it is still high on my want list because of that ancient car backup system that indicates how far away you are from various objects (like annoying little girls).

Carina sightings: ninja Carina Coupe TA40

After the TA45 Coupe two weeks ago I’d thought it would be nice to post another Carina (TA40 Coupe My Road) from the second generation:

I’m not sure how that Carina My Road can be compared with that bunch of ninjas? Is it supposed to be as fast and agile as we think of ninjas or should it also include their other trades like espionage, sabotage, illusion and assassination? Personally I would rather not drive a car which is both an illusion and will stab me in the back at the same time…

Or else you can see it in this (even more unlikely) perspective: it is supposed to be a follow up on this video with Sonny Chiba driving a Carina TA17 hardtop coupe escaping from a motorcycle gang:

So is the other Carina Coupe TA40 supposed to escape from a bunch of ninjas then?

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