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Three generations of Nissan Skyline music

Music from commercials always have been successful if the product caught on. This was especially the case for the Nissan Skyline in Japan: apparently there were many vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs sold with the music of the Skyline commercials.

Kayou is a collector of these items and put pictures of them on Minkara:
Nissan Skyline Turbo vinyl record
Nissan Skyline Turbo vinyl record

Click here if you are curious how the Nissan Skyline Turbo sounds,

And what would a collection be without the full Paul Newman cassette collection?
Nissan Skyline Paul Newman cassettes
Nissan Skyline Paul Newman cassettes

See here for some of the different Paul Newman commercials.

And let’s not forget the most important one:
Nissan Skyline Ken & Mary CD
Nissan Skyline Ken & Mary CD

Ken and Mary! You can find their commercials here.

I really envy Kayou: gems like this swap hands for loads of money on Auctions Yahoo nowadays…

Music: The Young Republic

They have been around for a while and I did hear one of their singles. Currently their album 12 Tales From Winter City is on the listeningpost of 3 voor 12 and I got reminded of them.

The Young Republic

Their sound is very identical to Belle and Sebastian (especially “Girl From The Nortern States”) and you can really hear their echoes in some of the songs. The Young Republic denies that they actually were influenced by Belle and Sebastian and their website does not contain any references to Belle and Sebastian so I can’t conclude any other way than there either must be some sort of big coincidence here or they deliberately removed all references.

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