I don’t regret having bought a Honda Civic already, but after watching a JDM commercial for the Toyota’s Mobile Suit Gundam Auris it makes me wish Toyota would actually sell the version from the commercial and not the one we find at our dealers! Basically Toyota launched the Auris in Japan already in September 2012 and they created a Gundam inspired version called MS-186H-CA to promote it on the Chara Hobby fair in August 2012 and fast forward one year and they now allow you to own one yourselves!
Char's Toyota Auris - Gundam
They use Gundam in their car commercial with an anime clip with Gundam’s Char character hopping out of a Mobile Suit and into the Auris and driving it to the limit. Now that’s a selling point! ;)

The real life version of this Auris costs a mere 3.3M yen (25000 euros) on top of the ordinary Auris price and this is what it looks like:
Char's Toyota Auris - Mobile Suit Gundam
Don’t get me wrong here, but IMO the ordinary Auris is a bit dull… A bit suburbian I guess… This Auris actually makes me wish Toyota would be equally fun to drive again in Europe! ;)
To make another analogy: Char’s Auris looks just as good as a GT86 and I honestly don’t know which one I would rather own!

The commercial itself is 40 seconds of Gundam meets Toyota goodness!
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