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Carina Sightings: yellow van in Motegi

Found this amazing photograph of a Carina TA67-V (or KA67-V) last week on AUTOnGRAPHIC: The photo was taken at the Mooneyes event in Motegi. Reminds me of the gold colored Carina van my dad used to own in the mid 80s… Photo taken, owned and copyrighted by AUTOnGRAPHIC

Brilliant: Moon equipped 410 wagon

Not at the JCCA New Year Meeting but at one of the parkinglots nearby someone found this Bluebird 410 wagon parked: And it is Moon equipped with a nice set of white walls that perfectly match with the new white leather/sky interior. Found at

Random: Mooneyes watching a Nissan Skyline DR30

I just love the composition of this picture: the Mooneyes logo on the truck is watching this four door Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo DR30! I’m watching you: Nissan Skyline DR30 Yes, the RS-Turbo isn’t Moon Equipped and sits on a set of Formula Meshes… It is just as if the logo was saying: I’m watching you!…