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Model cars by Jon2

I still remember my first model car kit: it was a modified König Ferarri Testarossa. It took me more than a month to complete it and it looked…uhm…interesting… After that model kit I tried my luck with another, but the result remained the same: it looked like crap!

So I decided model kits were not the thing for me. Then I forgot about it and made the same mistake by buying a Oh My Goddess! Belldandy model and tried to do it right this time. It is still looking great in half completed state. ;)

That’s why I have a lot of respect for the people who are capable of doing model kits and doing them the right way. For example I came across joh2 on Youtube who posted amazing videos of his model kits in all different states/steps of completion. My personal favorite is this red 4 door Toyota Corolla TE71:

I really like his personal touches, like the black vinyl roof (my dads TA60 Carina used to have one!), the sunroof, the hood scoop and the trunk spoiler!

Another great one is this second generation CRX:

And his last creation, a Corolla Levin AE86:

Tilt-shift style photos

Everybody must have made model kits and made pictures of those model kits as well. So, you know that extreme close pictures make the sharp-depth of your pictures worse and about half of your model kit looks blurred. Actually the same can happen when you take extreme closeups of your children (like Olivér for instance ;) ) and half of their face is blurred.

Well, thanks to IZ Reloaded I found this great website which can do that effect for every photo you have!! :)

Tilt-shifted photo of Revolver Drift's Carina AA63 Coupe
Tilt-shifted photo of Revolver Drift’s Carina AA63 Coupe

As you can see Revolver Drift’s Carina AA63 Coupe almost looks like a real scale model now!

Tilt-shifted photo of AEU86 meeting in Limburg
Tilt-shifted photo of the AE86-es at the AEU86 meeting in Limburg

And I did the same for this great photograph at the AEU86 meeting in Limburg. It really looks like it was set on some scalemodel environment in this picture!

You can try it yourself here:
Tiltshift Maker

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