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WTF: Japanese cars in the Red Light District!

I visited Amsterdam earlier this week and while waiting for my train on the Central Station this Amsterdam tourist postcard caught my eye:
Japanese cars in the Red Light District
Yes indeed: a third generation Mitsubishi Galant, a Nissan Sunny N13 (Pulsar N13 was sold here as the Sunny) and a Datsun Cherry N11 (Pulsar) and ehrm…somthing in the background. 😉

Somehow I knew in the back of my mind it was bad that I spotted these Japanese cars first and a second later the five brightly lit red windows behind them… And I know: it is also a really bad thing to admit… 🙁

Anyway, I just had to buy this postcard as proof and what unfortunate soul should I send it to? Any volunteers that wish to receive greetings from Holland? Or should I just send it to Japanese Nostalgic Car and see if they can appreciate it as much as I did? 🙂

Commerical time: Chrysler Galant surfing!

Now you may think what a Chrysler has got to do on a JDM oriented blog? Well, these Austalian imported Mitsubishi Galants were rebadged it as Chrysler!

So, what better way to sell the Galant to the Aussies than with a nice surf music! Chrysler persuaded the Beach Boys to rewrite their hitsong I get around and if that wasn’t convincing enough for the buys they also fitted
a trike in the wagon variant to show it is big enough for them! Radical dude!

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