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Carina grille and headlights update

Yesterday I finally picked up the Aazuma package from the postoffice. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to look at it yet… One of the great things of having children: absolutely no time left at all. I already use up a lot of time for being admin of AEU86 and having Megadik as a blog as well.. 🙁

I’ll open the package later today and try to make some pics later for here as well…

Megadik blog

Some time ago I started the Megadik blog together with my Colleague Michiel.

Every morning Michiel and I were sending spam messages through our IM clients (MSN Live Messenger blocks after a while, so we continued in Skype or Spark (jabber client). However we kept seeing various spam e-mails more than once, only with a slight difference. So we thought it would be best to keep them on a blog. Main purpose of the blog was to make the spam we receive rediculous.

We don’t have many visitors yet, but that will come in due time. 😉

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