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Random: Mark II with the same chin spoiler!

Random picture of a Mark II Grande GX71 I found on Minkara with the same chin spoiler as the Carina GT-TR I posted last week: Same chin spoiler I definitely want one! (Both the Mark II and the chin spoiler! 😉 )

Family Album Treasures: Mark II Grande Boomerang

Toyota Mark II Grande GX61? Check! Boomerang antenna? Check! Pompadour? Check! Harem (MC Hammer) pants? Check! It can’t get more (late) 80s than this! Stop! Hammer time! Toyota Mark II Grande GX61 Boomerang

Japanese rustoseums (part five)

Time for some more rust(oseums)! Let’s start with this Toyota Mark II Grande GX81: Beaten up Toyota Mark II Grande GX81 It might have been stolen and dumped in the middle of nowhere after they beaten up this Mark II enough… Bit of a shame though: it is the Mark II Grande model, so it…

Commerical time: Toyota Magnum PI?

What does Toyota have in common with Ferrari? Simple: both were selling their cars through the Magnum P.I. image! When the Magnum P.I. television series aired in 1980 the sales of the Ferrari 308 GTS (and other models) boomed. Tom Selleck’s favorite car had so much appeal to the audience that everyone loved the car,…